NVIS Presentation

What is NVIS propagation? “NVIS coverage has been described as similar to squirting a hose with a spray nozzle straight up thus producing an “umbrella” of rain for a substantial radius around the hose.” Read More... Read more

NVIS Antenna Construction

NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is a propagation mode which uses high angle radiation to send signals almost straight up to be reflected back to Earth for very effective short to medium distance communications. This mode of operation makes it ideal for in-state communications... Read more


If you receive an ARES deployment call the person calling you will give you details regarding: The Type of Disaster The Duration Expected The Emergency Net Frequency, the Backup Frequency and any additional frequencies. Who you will report to at the scene, including their agency name... Read more

First Aid Kit

As an ARES volunteer we need to be ready for medical emergencies both large and small. One of the basic components of an effective 72 Hour Kit is a First Aid Kit. During a disaster deployment you may be one of the first volunteers at the scene or you may come upon people requiring first aid while... Read more

72 Hour Emergency Kit

After hurricane KATRINA rolled through NEW ORELANS, many of us realized that we were not adequately prepared for disasters. FEMA, the Red Cross and other organizations that specialize in disaster recovery all recommend that you and your family have a 72 hour emergency kit. This kit will allow you... Read more
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